church-springThere has been a church in Tatham Fells on this site since at least 1577 and possibly considerably earlier. It was built as a chapel of ease to the church in Lower Tatham and seems to have lasted until 1738 when it was found to be in a ruinous state, so it was taken down and rebuilt. The present building dates from 1888-9 and cost £1,200 to construct. It was designed by the Lancaster firm of Austin and Paley. The church was originally lit by oil lamps, then from 1950 by the gaslights which are still in place. Electric lighting was installed in the refurbishment of 2000. The present organ replaced the hand-blown one, that was itself a replacement in 1950 for one which is now in Melbourne, Australia, the damp atmosphere of Tatham Fells not being to its liking!